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Terry Culbert's Lucan, Home of the Donnellys was published November 2005 by General Store Publishing House, in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada - (ISBN 1-897113-31-5)

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Forward by Tom McLaughlin, Mayor Lucan Biddulph : As a young boy growing up on our Roman Line family farm, I looked forward to shopping trips into Lucan. I treasure the memories of visiting Terry's parents' Dry Goods and Variety Store in the 1950's. Among my most vivid memories of the store, was the friendly atmosphere and great inventory of toys. Therefore, it strikes me as fitting that Terry, one of Lucan's successful sons, has decided to author a collection of short stories about his hometown. Lucan, Home of the Donnellys is a refreshing look at the Donnelly saga, village commerce, village life, sports and music. I know this will be an enjoyable read for many. Thanks Terry!

Terry was Global Television’s first cameraman-reporter from 1990 to 1997, and his nose for the good news in everyday life delighted viewers for many years. This is a compilation of his favourite stories of people and places around Ontario. (ISBN 1-896182-21-6)

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